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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's Cork Got to do with It?

I may or may not have been watching The Voice last night and I may not may not have a certain Tina Turner in my head this morning.  Is anyone else bored with The Voice...cause I am!  I dont love the talent this year and it just feels so drawn out bleck.  Makes you want a glass of wine to make it interesting...speaking of wine :)

This post is brought to you by my Pinterest Board... specifically this pin.  I have a confession...I didnt go to the blog to see how this was done because ok its pretty straight forward.  I did go to the site this morning though and here is the link in case you want it but its simply the picture and nothing else so I decided to show you a little more than that.

Wine bottles are a must!  These were actually $5 bottles of wine that were pretty decent as far as cheap wines go.  I have to drink 6 bottles to complete my herb garden but we are off to a good start with 2 solid wines.  Im not going to talk about wine here, not because its not interesting (it is very interesting) but because that is a whole different talk for a whole different day.

DONT get this type of top...this is a screw top and wont have a cork.  Im sure you guys already know this but just in case Im saying it now.  If the top looks like this with the ridges then it doenst have a cork in it.  By no means does that mean the wine wont be good (quite the opposite really) it just means you wont have a cork for your project, but by all means enjoy some wines with a screw top they preserve much better.

How pretty!  So what I did was take my cork (this one is synthetic but it works just the same) and write my herb on it.  I have a whole bunch of wooden skewers at home so I pushed the pointy end into the cork until it was stable then stuck the other end into the dirt.  The skewers are pretty long so I actually cut one in 1/2 for the other cork I had.  Its not as pretty as a the original link because I dont have as nice of handwriting and the herbs are grown yet but its a cute way to mark the plants.  The other pots right now have the herb name written on the back side of the pot so I know what is what, and until I drink more wine :)

There are tons of cork projects out there, some super cute, but I dont drink enough wine to ever do any of them.  This project doesnt require a bunch of corks and takes 1 minute to assemble (after you drink the wine of course!) and in retro spect is free...if you have all the supplies at home already.

Do you have a cork project that you have done or want to do?

Project Housewife Out!

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