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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Good Mornin' Good Mornin' Its great to stay out late!  Good Mornin' Good Mornin' to you!  I watched Singin' in the Rain for the first time last week and that song popped into my head, what a catchy song!  I never realized it was from that movie until now...yes I know Im a little behind in movies but thanks to Netflix I am cathing up on the classics...but thats not what I am thankful for today.

Today I am thankful for patience.  I have always struggled with that word but recently I think its becoming a MVP in me.  Patience in all forms, with people, with life, with work, with money, you know with everything really.  Im sure Im like the rest of the world wanting to see results now but a lot of times that just doesnt happen.  Thats also one of the reasons I dont have as many projects flowing in right now.  Financially patient we have decided that we need to follow the calling and tithe and save like we should be...before now we have been so focused on projects we forgot what was really important and I am a firm believer that when you follow God's instructions for you life he rewards you.  In order to follow God's call on my heart that does mean scalling back on all the projects I have in my head, and believe me there are a fair few!  So for now baby steps and further lessons in patience so we blow all of our money on things, because life really is not about things but the people you are with and the experiences you gain.

While having patience is not the easiest thing to do I believe that it can pay off in your life in so many ways and just give more peace in your life.  I haved learned this lesson so many times you would think I would be a pro by now but I still trip and fall flat on my face all...the...time.  Its ok though it keeps me in check.  So I want to say thank you patience for keeping me in line and giving me peace of mind when I feel like Im going crazy.

And because posts are boring without pictures...Oreo!!  Waiting patiently to go outside, such a smart boy.

What are you thankful for today?

Project Housewife Out!

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