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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

American Idol was on last night...did anyone watch?!  I am starting to feel old watching this when they do songs from the year they were born...there were only 2 kids TOTAL from the 80's.   Thats 2 out of 11, not a really good percentage.  I detest music from the 90's so boo on soon no one will be born in the 80's because of the age limit.  Is anyone else watching?

As much as mindless TV is oh so good for you, Im not thankful for it today.  No friends, today Im thankful for my face wash.  Thats right and I have to say its an important thing to be thankful because if you have a mild case of adult acne like I do you probably have had a hard time finding a brand of skin care that works for you. Now by no means is this a sponsored post or anything (although I wish they would!) I just love the product.  Its've seen the commercials with Hayden and her perfect skin.  Well I did the online evaluation just to try it, no harm in trying something new.  I got it in the mail and within 1 week all my acne was gone and I had nice smooth pretty skin.  I have really oily skin actually and I still have a minor problem with that but I would rather be shinny than have acne all over my face.

I have actually since cancelled my skinID but only because I have a stockpile under the sink.  I have one for daily use, one for travel and one FULL extra.  They send you new product every other month but it took me about 4 months to go through the first set so after a few months I had way too much.  But believe me when I start to run out Im going to start again no doubt.  Its $30/month which seems pricey but seeing as a 30 day trial pack from Wexler of Bath and Body Works (which actually did work great and is a great back up) was $30 this seemed like a better option.

I have gone through so many different products just to have them diasppear.  First was this AWESOME L'Oreal Adult Acne product which I used to be able to find in Wal-Mart.  Then they stopped carrying it but I found it in Albertson's when I was in Las Vegas.  Now that Im back in Texas though I cant find it anywhere so I moved on to Arbonne.  I started with the Acne product then moved to a 5 system treatment that they had that was great...then they stopped making it :(  I tried the new product they had to replace it but it was awful!  I made my skin breakout even worse.  So then it was over to Wexler.  The first time I tried Wexler it was great and had a peel-esk thing in it.  Well when I went back it was completely different but was pretty good it was just hard to get as well as it was sold out a lot in the stores.  Thats when I decided to try ProActiv.  That was horrible...well for me at least.  It increased the oily-ness of my skin, added acne and just make me feel dirtier than before I had washed my face.  I know a lot of people who love ProActiv...Im just not one of them.  Then I was broke and needed a good acne face wash but on the DL so I heard Burt's Bee's had a good acne face wash.  They do and its good for the price but it wasnt the best I had used and to be honest I didnt like the way it smelled.  So I went back to Wexler...if you didnt already guess Wexler is by far the favorite it smelled great and did a pretty good job the problem was it ran out so fast, was hard to find and was a little pricy and didnt 100% get rid of all the acne all the time.  Thats when I talked to my neighbor who had the same problems as me and she said SkinID was great for her until her body became immune to it (I dont think its common her skin is just out to get her) so I decided to try it and I havent looked back since.

This is my set.

I know this is a long story with a lot of links and no pictures but for those of you who struggle with adult acne you know how much it sucks and even more so when they stop making something that worked so well for you.  I wanted to share with you what I have used in the past, how it has/hasnt worked for me and let you know what works for me now.  I wish I knew back then what I know now, but maybe I can help someone now!  If I had to rate the products I have used here is how it would go.

  1. L'Oreal Adult Acne Response
  2. Arbonne Acne Treatment (stopped using it because it was very expensive and I dont know anyone who sold it)
  3. SkinID
  4. Wexler Acne Treatment
  5. Burt's Bees Acne Treatment
  6. Arbonne FC5
  7. Proactiv
I put links to them all so if you want to try them you know where to go.  Thanks for listening to my story and thats what Im thankful for today, my skinID because without it I would have ugly acne plagued skin that made me sad...but I dont YAY!

And because its Thursday and because I know you love it...Oreo!  I dont know how that dog fit himself into my little chair but he always find a way to get himself into small spaces.

Project Housewife Out!

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