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About Me

Hi Everyone, my name is Rachael and I am the crazy woman behind Project Housewife!  Not clinically crazy...just your normal, married woman crazy.  For those of you who arent married, enjoy the sanity while you can.  Im a Texan through and through, left for Vegas for a year but the Lone Star state called me back.  We live in an awesome community with awesome neighbors and oh yeah we have solar panels on our awesome is that?!

I dont have kids, Im not sure if thats in the cards for me, but I do have a baby named Oreo...otherwise known as a Border Collie.  I've written about him a few times, he has been featured on Pretty Fluffy and I always try to post a picture of him on my Thursday Posts.  In case that doesnt give you a hint, Im kind of a dog person.

I have an almost obsessive love of Harry Potter (check out my Potter post here) and going to Disney World in Orlando is my idea of the best vacation.  Maybe because my husband and I got married there, or maybe its because I did an internship there, or maybe its just because I love fantasy, magic, and all things fantastical.  We try to travel as much as we can our goal is to do a half marathon each year to stay healthy.  We have done 2 so far (both at Disney World) and it was a great sense of accomplishment.

Other than traveling, our puppy and our projects, I have a full time job in the hospitality industry.  I have been working with hotels for the majority of my career and have always loved them, its an amazing industry and I cant see myself anywhere else.  I took up blogging as a creative outlet for myself.  For a season of my life I was in a slump and needed something to get me motivated and back on track.  That turned out to be blogging about all the projects I have done in the past and am working on currently.  It also turned into a motivator to not sit on my butt but find things to create, which challenges me and I love a challenge.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I love writing it.  As always if you have any suggestions please send them my was I would love to hear from you!

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