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Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Another Manic Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  Its raining here and hopefully bringing some cold weather with it, but I wont get my hopes up.  I know its Monday and not Friday but I am dying to share 2 recipes with you.  The first recipe comes from and I LOVE this blog...mainly because she has some awesome Harry Potter-esk recipes which Im going to link to today.  This is the amazing BUTTERBEER!!  Thats right BUTTERBEER!!!!!  I have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter twice and always drink way too much of the butterbeer because I know I cant have it any other time.  They make 2 kinds for those of you who dont already know, a slushee version and a soda version.  Some people prefer the slushee version because it isnt as sweet but I dont really like it, it just doesnt taste right to me.

I love butterbeer :)  Anyway, on to the recope.  Here is the link to the recipe for Butterbeer.  Its super easy and oh so delicious.  I made this over the weekend and found that I actually only needed to whip the topping for 1 minute before it was nice a fluffy.  Also when I was at Kroger they were out of regular A&W cream soda so I had to get diet...NOT THE tasted very watery and not rich and delicious like I remembered so I had my husband stop and get some IBC cream soda (you know the delicious kind in the glass bottles) and man oh man it made a BIG difference.  So yes folks, sometimes it is better to get the name brand and not diet...just sayin'

So this picture you can see my amazing butterbeer with the whipped topping a little too whipped and my next recipe I want to share with you comes from Bake at 350 , another great blog that I love at follow daily for great sweet recipes.  This one is for the cookies, the BUTTERBEER COOKIES!!!  I made these for the neighbors for Christmas and they were by far the favorite, my husband loves them and I cant stop eating them.  I think the best part of these cookies is that the cookie itself isnt sweet, so when you put the glaze on the top it isnt so sweet you can only eat one (well i guess maybe that the bad part because I eat way too many!)  Ok on to the Butterbeer cookies .  I love this recipe because they are super easy to make and you dont have to chill them.  I hate when you have to chill the dough, I want the cookies NOW...ok so I am a little impatient but its so rare that I actually make homemade cookies that I dont like to wait.

See the pretty butterscotch glaze, its so tasty!  I ate these babies while watching Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, good movie good eats good night!  So what are you waiting for go make these bad boys!!  PS---I tried to find some Harry Potter cookie cutters and found none that were worthy.  If you know where I can get some awesome Harry Potter cookie cutter, let me a comment so I can go buy some!

Not even a crumb left it was THAT good.  So go check out Bakingdom and Bake at 350 , leave them some love and let them know Project Housewife sent you.  These ladies are seriously talented and you will love what they have on their blog. 

Project Housewife Out!

1 comment:

  1. How fun!! I remember a long time ago when I was like 11 and reading Harry Potter - I tried to make butterbeer with rootbeer and actual butter. Not so good haha!