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Monday, January 2, 2012

Stick a Pin in it.

I dont know about you, but on vacations I love souvineers, a little something to remind you of the great vacation you had (besides the pics of course).  I love to get pins from Disney and the Hard Rock Hotel.  For a long time I had them on my camera strap but I started getting way too many to do that anymore.  For a while they sat in storage but I knew I wanted to display them somehow.  Finally I decided that a shadow box would be a great idea.  I found the PERFECT box at Hobby Lobby (I would give you a link but for the life of me I cant find it online).  This box comes in multiple sizes but the 2 I have are the larger 18x20 (I think) size.  In the box is this coarse mesh that you could easily use to stick the pins in, but I didnt love the color (tan) or the texture (think felt and burlap babies) so I decided that black felt would be awesome and make the pins pop.  I got a yard of black felt and went home to start pinning.

This is what 1 of the smaller pin cases looks like, I am sad to admit I have 4, two the large size and 2 the medium size (I think its 11x14).  This particular picture is of the Christmas pins I have from the past 2 years at Walt Disney World.  Its so magical and wonderful at the holidays I had a hard time not buying every Christmas pin in sight...believe me this is not even close to 1/2 of what they had to buy. 

A note on using the particular frame...give yourself enough felt to cover the edges so it doesnt slip down when you hang it.  These doors open like a door, which I like for easy adding but isnt as secure as a typical frame.  Also, adding the felt made the mesh pretty thick so not all the pin backings stay in place.  That doesnt really bother me because they are all staying just fine, but if you are a little more OCD than me you might get frustrated.  It does take some patience to get all the pins in, but once you are done I think its worth it.  Now my pins arent sitting in a bix but out in the office for me and guests to look at.  I mean why do you buy things if its not to display right?!

I wish I had a longer/fancier post for you today, but my lame-o computer at home didnt upload my new pics to picasa for me to get on my work computer (technology, love it and hate it) so for today I just have my shadow box quick and easy craft...hmmm maybe Quick and Easy Craft should be a new weekly theme?!  What do you think, I would love your thought?!

Project Housewife Out!

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