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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Movie Gallery Wall

I have a confession to make, I really hate those gallery walls of different types of prints, I dont get them I think they look cluttered and a mess.  HOWEVER...I have all these movie posters that I wanted to display and thought a gallery wall would be perfect for that.  Fortunately, movie posters are fun to look at and are the perfect fit for the media room.  All the frames came from Michaels, they were $7 for 2 frames and with the 50% off coupon they were a steal.  I have so many posters from all my Disney movie preorders I had to buy a lot! 

Below you can see the great blank wall I had to work with, we just painted the room this great color.  Its called Hopsack from Sherwin Williams.  One gallon one coat made me super happy.

And here you can see how many posters I had...I was not kidding when I said I had a bunch

To start off (we actually already had the posters up but it looks like crap and I decided painting was a great opportunity to re-do the mess) I laid all the posters out on the floor until I had the layout that I liked, and this is what I came up with.

Im not much for the abstract, I like clean lines so my layout has some order to it.  Now that I have my layout, my husband got the wonderful job of hanging them.  We started by hanging the Brave poster (the big one in the nmiddle) since that was the exact middle of the posters and needed to be in the exact middle of the wall. 

Joe was great and measured everything to make sure it was centered and level with all the posters.  Great job honey :)

Slowly but surelly we are getting there...Just remember to be patient and measure, you dont want to have everything uneven and off centered...well you may but I am a little OCD and it would drive me nuts, good thing my husband has more patience than me.

Honestly it did take about an hour to get them all up since there was measuring and all that involved but I love how it looks so it was totally worth it!

Love this wall!  It really makes this a media room...I cant wait for the many other projects that are going to come out of this room, but for now that is all I have to share but dont worry, more awesome media room projects to come.

Project Housewife Out!

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