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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Another week has gone by and I find myself writing another Thankful Thursday post.  Today is another silly thing to be thankful for but come November it wont be so silly then!  When I have the most awesome amazing house on the block!!!  What am I talking about you ask?!  Well Christmas Lights of course!!

So what I am actually thankful for is Christmas clearance sales because I got all of the above Christmas lights, plus 5 more boxes of lights, 2 rolls of white rope light, 15 boxes of christmas ornaments and 5 boxes of white christmas tree path lights all at 50-70% off!  I love how much money I save on Christmas lights bevcause I dont know if you can tell or not but I am only buying LED lights which most of you probably know is the most expensive way to go.  But on the flip side I save about $30 (so far) in electricity over the regular blubs.  I bet I actually save more because I had a lot more lights up this year than I did last year so $30 is a low number but makes me happy because I can have a lot of lights up without having a huge electrical bill.

These arent the best pictures but you can see the lights we had up this past year.  After I took this picture I added lights around the base of the two trees and lights around a shrub you cant see right now because its dark.

We are getting rid of those ugly icicle lights, I dont know why I just hate them and they look stupid in those trees anyways.

So thats what Im thankful for this Thursday.  A little bit of silliness but hey we all know by now that I have a deep seated love of Christmas and Christmas lights and they make me happy (although seeing them in January does not make me happy, neighbors I talking to you who still have your darn icicle lights still up).

What makes you happy or thankful on this Thursday?  Im sure its something a little more interesting than Christmas lights but they were just on my mind today I cant help it! :)

Project Housewife Out!

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