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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday, and you know what that means...ITS ALMOST FRIDAY!!!  Ok and its also Thankful Thursday.  Today, and yes this is marterialistic but its what Im thankfuk for, Im thankful for  I know some of you will totally agree with me that this is the best website EVER.  I mean you can make a wish list, and things to your wish list from other websites.  Amazon recommends things for you (and since I've been shopping with them for over 5 years you can imagine they know me pretty well), they have the amazing Kindle which I love love love, and they have the awesome amazon prime membership.  If you dont have a prime membership you are totally missing out!  I borrowed the Hunger Games series for free since I am prime.  Almost all my Christmas presents were free 2 day shipping and I can rent movies and tv shows some for free.  Its pretty much the best thing ever.  Of course its not free but with the free shipping and borrowing books it pretty much pays for itself in my opinion.  In case you were wondering, no amazon did not pay me to say such nice things about it, but I mean when Im sick of stalking pinterest thats where I go to see what amazon thinks I will like today.   Sometimes they are dead wrong (I mean seriously, the Matrix, that was so 10 years ago) but sometimes I find some great gems, like "She and Him" or some great cook bookes or some great books.  Honestly thats where I find all my new authors is the recomendations from  Ok enough praise on amazon, but thats what Im thankful for today.  I know its not as deep and meaningful as I probably should be but hey Im being honest I love!

Since no Thursday is complete without a picture of my baby Oreo here are two.  This is his couch (the one we never use and Im about to sell) he sleeps on it when I go upstairs to do my workout.  He was also sleeping there when we did the Gallery Wall, you remember that post, you can see it here . 

Such a good dog, how could you not love that face!

What are you thankful this Thursday?  I would love to hear from you, or just tell me how much you love amazon too, because honestly who doesnt!

Project Housewife Out!

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