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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy

Today is a really rainy day and on rainy days I always wish I was at home on the couch drinking hot chocoalte and watching a good movie with my puppy know my puppy cute...anyway stop being side tracked! 
So on this rainy day, for some odd reason, I am thinking of laundry.  I dont have a pile sitting at home waiting for me but I think Im thinking of the awesomeness that is hot towels fresh out of the dryer.  Anyway I wanted to share my quick and easy laundry room transformation with you.  I dont have a before shot because we did this before I decided to start a blog but you can see below the finished product.

So really this was pretty easy.  I got a sets of double door cabinets from Lowe's on clearance (these were the 2010 model, look the same as the 2011 but who am I to complain) for $75 a piece.  They are already stained and ready to hang so that made me a happy camper.  The knob pulls were $2 a piece, I wanted really big ones with the stainless steel look and these were perfect and fit the bill at $2 a pop.  I wanted to get a long cabinet for the side you can kinda see there to put my brooms and mops in but if they didnt have any that were long, all the long ones they had were sectioned off and that wasnt what I was looking for, so the search continues for that.

Ok on to hanging these bad boys.  My husband is a real trooper, I didnt help him at all with hanging these and he got them up there all on his own so I have to give him real props for that because these suckers were HEAVY.  What you need is a 2x4, screws and a drill.  Measure the 2x4 to the length of your first cabinet.  Ours were 30inches long.  Cut your wood to fit right on the back of the cabinet, you may need to cut it 1inch shorter depending on the back of your cabinet.  Measure on the wall where you want the cabinet to hang, mark you spot and then screw the 2x4 to the wall.  Let me emphasize that you need to measure, measure one more time and then just to be sure measure again.  Once you get the board in you really cant make any adjustments so make sure you have the board exactly where you want it.  Make sure you use heavy duty screws so they dont break or anything.  Once the board is on the wall (make sure its super secure pull on it, do whatever you need to do to make sure its on there good and tight) then go on and hang your cabinet on the board.  You would think it was more complicated than that but its not.  Its heavy as heck though so be prepared for that!

Now that they are hung be happy because you have storage in your laundry room!  I hate seeing the clutter so this made me happy because before we had that crappy wire rack and you can see all your supplies out there.  With the cabinet its nice and stored away where no one can see it!  Yay!  And to spruce the room up I added a flower strand I found at Garden Ridge for $2!  Pretty awesome right!

So this isnt the cheapest project Ive done (cabinet $75x2, cabinet pulls $2x4, flower chain $2x2 total cost $162) but it looks nice, added more storage to the laundry room and makes me happy and its my house so thats all that matter right?!  I thought so too :)  What additions have you made to your laundry room to make it a space you like?

Project Housewife Out!

1 comment:

  1. I had to pop by to thank you for your lovely comment at Pretty Fluffy...And was so happy to see such a gorgeous photo of your dog - so adorable! As you know I'm a sucker for Border Collies. Now off to read your ice cream recipe! :)