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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's go to a Masquerade

You probably know by now that I love Walt Disney World, its no secret, I have been there probably too many times but really who cares its magical and fun!  What you may not know is my favorite park is Epcot, I can spend all day in that park just walking around enjoying the countries..and Soarin' or course :) 

Last year we spent Christmas week at Walt Disney World and it was a great vacation, you know the kind where you have been saving up so you can spend whatever you want and not worry about it, yeah that kind.  So we were in Italy after a delicious dinner and a glass of great Italian wine and we see these masks.  Ok so its not really the first time we have seen them but its the first time I have wanted to own one.  I LOVED the purple one and had to get it, Joe didnt want to get just one so he picked the gold one.  We bring home our treasures and I think to myself "Wow self this was a great idea to buy masksm but where are you going to put them?"  So these beautiful masks sat in their box for a good 3 months before the idea struck me...SHADOW BOX!!  I found this great 3 inch deep shadow box at Michaels and got to work.  The back of the shadow box was an ugly burlap and I couldnt have that behind my masks so I got 2 sheets of scrapbook paper and some awesome bejewled thumbtacks to stick it in place.  I also used those thumbtacks to keep the ribbon of the gold mask in place.  I did run into a snag with these masks though, the purple one was a hair too big for the frame, so we actually punctured holes in the back of the frame where the corners of the mask goes so we could make it fit.  The back of the frame cant close all the way at the top because of that, but you cant tell by looking at it!

I love the shadow box but there is too much space at the bottom, so on this past Christmas trip to Disney we bought this awesome black and silver mask to go with it (apparently you design in odd numbers...who knew!).  I love this mask, its unique and reminds me of music...unfortunately its bigger than even the purple mask and I have to get a new shadow box only this time I have to find a 5inch think frame...let me tell you I have been searching for a month now and havent found anything.  We are probably going to have to make one so there may be a shadow box frame DIY coming you way soon.  Until then, that mask has to sit in the office until I make it's forever home :(

What have you done to display your keepsakes from trips?  I've shared my pins and now masks (Harry Potter soon to come), and clearly you can see I favor shadow boxes, but what do you do, I would love to hear from you!

Project Housewife Out

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