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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning everyone!  Today was so hard to get out of bed, I had no motivation to get going just too early today.  Blah.  But on the bright side its Thursday so that means we are over the hump and well on our way to the weekend!  This weekend and next weekend are going to busy weekends for me but filled with fun stuff!  Saturday we are going on a double date to Fogo de Chao, I LOVE that place, but I always eat too much so I have to be careful, all you can eat meat is very dangerous :)  I hope to share with you a recipe for their amazing cheesy bread soon...its so good I want to try and make it at home.  We also have a crawfish boil at our neighborhood and I'm super excited about this.  I have only been to one crawfish boil and it was a lot of fun so I cant wait to hang with the awesome neighbors and eat some crawfish!
(these are still alive, they look nasty but taste really good)

I also hope to get some more yard work done since its going to be a beautiful weekend.  We did do some work last weekend, which I'm going to share with you next week, but there is still more that needs to be done.  With all the rain we have been having its a great opportunity to plant.
(this is from a few years ago, but the bluebonnets are out and they make me so happy)

Which brings me to Thankful I am thankful for all the rain we have been having.  My grass was dead and crunchy, now its (mostly) green and lush.  My poor pitiful pecan tree was all but dead and my husband ready to pull it out of the ground, but now it has green buds sprouting all over it.  I did have a few causalities of the drought last summer (one of the worst in Texas history) but we bought some new plants to replace them with that will hopefully last through the summer.  Perfect timing in getting all the planting done also because we had some great rain on Tuesday.  While I hate being out and driving in the rain, I love what its doing to the landscape all around.  In the winter I miss the green and cant WAIT for it to come back in the spring.

Its also why Im posting all these bluebonnet pics, because without the rain you cant have awesome patches of bluebonnets, which is the Texas state flower by the way.  I love bluebonnets, I tried to plant some in our yard last year but they died because of the drought, but Im trying again this year.  I want to do a professional photo shoot in the bluebonnets one of these days, I just love those pictures and cant wait to have a great one of my little family.   Even Oreo loves being outside, you cant see how pretty green it is because its in black and white but its his happy face so its all good!

HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!  Project Housewife Out!

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