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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet Part 4

Is anyone else watching "The Voice"?  Im starting to lose least with American Idol they dont drag the stages out...well except for the auditions.  I mean "The Voice" had I think 4-5 audition shows, and they are going on the 3rd battle round show.  Come on just GET ON WITH IT!  And all the singers I liked arent going through except for the opera singer so yeah Im losing interest on this one.  But Once Upon a Time is getting GOOD!  Finding a heart in the woods, Red Riding Hood a warewolf...the plot thickens, I cant wait to see where this goes.

Enough of TV...the crochet journey continues!   This time I think I was a little too ambitious in thinking I could use a wavy yarn and be successful...I was at first...and then I got all wonky.  Dont get me wrong, its a pretty yarn and all but the wavy-ness makes it a little harder to see what you are doing and the way its made makes it easy to frizz out, which happened to me a lot.  I have 2 more balls of it so I may have to power through but be warned its a little frustrating which is why it took me so long to tough it out and finish it.  This time I did the double stitch because i THOUGHT I was better at the turn on this stitch and for 3/4's of the project I was, then   I dont know what happened but I got all crazy.  Here see for yourself.

The bottom is actually where I started and the top is the last 30 minutes of the project.  I dont know what happened, I was doing so well!  Its pretty much the opposite of my first project which here is a pic to remind you...

Whats funny is they look almost the same but this one I was getting smaller as I went and the other one I was getting bigger as I was going.  Looks like I still need some more practice before I can make a scarf, and I thought that would be the easiest!

My next lesson is going to be granny squares...maybe Ill be better at that than trying to make a straight project :)

Project Housewife Out!

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