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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Herb Garden Part 1

Last week I mentioned that I was thinking about building a herb garden and I had some pins for inspiration (check it out here).  I loved all the ideas but none of them were really perfect for my space so I decided we needed to make our own.  My husband brought 3 more big pallets home and we went to town.

 Prep station...we have a circular saw, a mitor saw, a jig saw, hammer and nails.  In the background is a band saw but I think thats the one tool we didnt use lol.

 My husband hard at work, taking apart the pallets was the most time consuming because you have to be careful not to break the wood but at the same time use enough force to get the nails out of the boards its attached to.  Good thing I married a strong man otherwise we would have had to do a different project!

 What you see above is the base for the herb box.  On the inside is the brackets that held the pallets together.  What we did was leave the bottom board on the pallet and leave a little extra bracket to attach another board to so that they were supported.  The with all four sides made in the same way we nailed them all together to form a box.

 Since soil is going into the box it needed a bottom, we cut a bunch of the boards to the length we needed and nailed them to the bottom of the box.  They are 100% flush but thats ok we are lining the box with a plastic so that the water wont corrode the wood.

 Now its time to make the rest of the box...lets call this part the stand.  As you know we have a beautiful border collie Oreo.  We love our dog, but Im pretty sure he doesnt need to be eating herbs so we decided to make a stand that was tall enough so that he cant easily eat the plants but not too tall that it looks silly.  The top picture is the beginning of building the stand.  Same as before we left the bottom board on the pallett  so that we had support brackets to use and attach the other boards too.  For the front we put boards on the entire length of the side but for the back we only used 2 boards for structure (top and bottom) since you wouldnt see it we decided to save the wood which was good because we had literally just enough.

 Here are the two sides of the stand, we attached two boards to the top of each so that there was a little support there for the box.

 Here is the box ontop of the stand.  We did the two long sides of the stand first so that we could line them up with the box before closing out the stand.  So to make sure they were aligned we put each leg on the two sides and matched them up.  Once that was done we attached a top board to the two sides of the stand then took the box off the top and went to adding the rest of the boards all the way down the stand.

 Almost done, we added the box back to the stand and nailed it all in place.  Let me tell you this project took a really long time and Im sure we did a really complicated version of it but its what I had in my head (well its a little shorter than the version in my head that version was as long as a section of the fence).

So thats step 1...which by the way was only $0...all the pallets were free yay!  Oh and my silly husband put an ugly board on the bottom of the front of the stand so we will be burying this box so you cant really see it.

Step 2 is this weekend...check back for updates on that!

Project Housewife Out!

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