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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Who watched the series premier of GCB on ABC?!?  I love Kristen Chenowith (is that how you spell her name) and knew this show would be funny because A)its set in Texas and we all know Texas is the best state :) and 2) it has a great looking cast.  Your probably wondering what does GCB stand for...well I was wondering through the whole show too until the very end when they threw a line out at you and you have to be stealthy to catch it "Good Christian B****es" and let me tell you the show was every bit about that.  I like to think I am a religious person but I have to laugh at the stereotype that southern women have about Christianity and this show plays up that stereotype and its hilarious.  If you didnt catch it Sunday night get your butt on Hulu and watch it, you'll thank me later.

Ironically I have a glitzy post for you today (GCB ladies are covered in sequins, hense the irony) and it cost me a whopping $15 yay!  Let me first start be reminding you of the horror that is the fish eggs/water beads that had formally inhabited my glass vases.  Check out my post here for the full story.  To remind you of the ugly here it is, oh and I was oh so fortunate to find nasty MOLD in one of the vases so GROSS on those nasty fish eggs and I will forever be calling them.

It looks so sad doesnt it?!  Well I thought of adding rocks to this to fill it back up but rocks are expensive and I was going to need a lot since these are larger vases.  Then I ran across this pin on pinterest.  Whoever pinned the project originally was not a good pinner, they pinned the main page so I had to go through each post to find where the post was, which thankfully an excerpt was posted in February which had a link to the original post so it didnt take too long to find the awesomeness that is the glitter project.  The original post was for ornaments but you can easily use it for anything glass.  To see the original post check it out here, also they have the original tutorial so I will let them show you how its done but I have some additions below that might help.  The site is Plum Adorable and the site is plum adorable (pun intended lol)

 The pledge cleaner is the one for title and vinyl floors not the hardwood one.  The original post shows the really fine glitter but I didnt want to spend $8 for one container of glitter so I went to the craft section (instead of the scrapbook section) and found this bigger sized glitter for $4/bottle, much better price and I got black and purple to make a pretty mix.  Confession, my eyes are always bigger than what I need and I have 80% of the glitter left, so even though you think you may need the giant bottles, you will probably only need the smaller ones.

 Be careful when you pour in the cleaner if you get it on the outside it gets really sticky and grimy so make sure and wipe it off asap...and if it gets on the counter same goes there this stuff isnt really meant to be on granite.

 Put the glitter in right away...I wasnt sure if you needed to let the cleaner dry or not, I assumed not and that seemed to work for me.  See my glitter mix isnt it pretty?!  I used only like 3 spoons of the glitter and it covered the whole vase, it was fun to swirl it around and watch it cover everything.

 Shot from the inside, I covered everything as much as I could, you cant really see here but on the inside it looks like from the outside you will be able to see right through the vase...

 But see here you cant it looks awesome!  For my glitter project this was for the flowers so from here is my own project spin off!  I had extra flower foam pieces from when I made the flower box so I cut those down to fit the vase.  Cutting foam is super easy you just need a regular knife and it cuts like butter...easy peasy.

 I hot glued this to the bottom of the vase but with all the glitter that really was useless since it just came off.

 I added all the flowers and now it looks awesome because they stay put, they look fuller and they are in a vase that sparkles...literally!
I think the black and purple glitter mix was great it gives the vase a little more dimension which I was looking for and it didnt cost very much and that is almost the best part.  The best part being I love glitter :)

 See how nice they look on our pretty dresser!  I am so happy with how this project turned out and it took less than 20 minutes to do both.  What do you have around your house that you can glitter-fy?!

Project Housewife Out!

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! What a transformation! I love the purple and black, and it was very smart to get the glitter from the craft section. I've hopped over from Serenity now and am your newest follower.
    Lynn @ Scrapity Anne

  2. Very pretty! And I love the dresser too! Thanks for linking up to my party :)

  3. This is awesome!! I think I'll have to steal this idea for my wedding centerpieces! I'm excited now, thanks!!

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

    1. That is such a good idea and you can do a lot of vases with a small amount of glitter and one bottle of the pledge...good thinking that didnt even cross my mind!

  4. Great vases - I love sparkly things! I made the glitter Christmas ornaments last December, but I used stamping dye instead of Pledge. I used silver glitter and dye in different colours. It was fun to combine different dyes together and see what colour the ornaments came out :-)


  5. This is a fun project! Great job, and thanks for linking up with the Winter Pinterest Challenge!

    Erin @ The Great Indoors