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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Herb Garden Part 2

It seems that you guys cant get enough of pallets!  I have to say its nice being able to do some projects without having to spend a lot of money and if you have access to pallets then you dont have to spend a lot of money because they are free!

Last week I shared with you the first phase of building my herb garden (you can see that post here).  To refresh, here is where we ended that post, with a nice big box ready for step 2.

You could just leave it like this and move on to step 3 but then you risk the wood rotting...because step 2 is applying a waterproof coat of paint to the wood to protect again water/mold/rot.  I could have gotten the paint that also protects from the sun/snow/other crazy elements but since my only main concern is the water thats what we went with.  We went with a Behr waterproofing stain in cedar to give the box color as well as a waterproof coat.  Now the stain does say to use 2 coats, but ok, I didnt really want to do 2 coats and the pallet wood has already been exposed to the elements so 1 coat was enough in my opinion.  For those of you who are paranoid about that kind of stuff then get the weatherproofing stain and do the 2 recommended coats but for me the waterproof stain 1 coat was fine.

The stain went on really easily.  I used a larger brush but not top quality since I knew the wood would tear it apart.  I think we spent $2 on the brush and threw it away after.  It took about 30 minutes to cover the whole thing with the stain.  Be aware that the stain is thinner than regular latex paint so it will be messier...and me being a messy painter trust me when I say that :)  I probably should have put a drop cloth down but I was painting in the garage and was ok with making a little bit of a mess.

We let this sit overnight...although the stain says 48-72hrs I  have no patience so we waited 24 hours to move on to step 3...but more to come on that later.  Until then, here is the box with the stain applied, doesnt it look much nicer than without the stain?!  Remember that we went with a colored stain to try and make the box more even in color but there are clear stains as well if you like the look of your wood.  Oreo wanted to help :)

I'll have the 3rd and final step on Monday...until then you'll just have to wait in suspense!!

Project Housewife Out!

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