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Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Spirit

Well we're back from our Disney Christmas vacation and missing the holiday spirit that only Disney can create.  For those of you who have never been to Walt Disney World during the holidays you are really missing out.  The main reason we got (other than the beautiful Castle decked in lights) is for the Osborne Family Spectale of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios.  These lights are truly spectacular!  The Imagineers at Hollywood Stuidos start putting these lights up in August and it is well worth all the blood, sweat and tears Im sure they put into it.  I would post a video of the show, but Im not sure I can because of the music they use and licensing and all that, but here is a link to the Wikepedia page for some info (I know Wikepedia sucks but its helpful when the family doesnt have their own website.) Click Here for the link.
The Osborne family, well Jennings really always inspires me.  He was a simple man that just had the spirit of Christmas and a love for his daughter.  What started out as a simple request for Christmas lights on their house, turned into buying the houses on either side of their house to add more Christmas lights.  Eventually complains were made to the city and Jennings had to take them down, but fortunately for the world Disney stepped in and gave them permenant residence in Hollywood Studios.  What inspires me most about Jennings is that he was so giving, not only did he had the light show, but he also helped feed the hungry with annual barbeques and generous donations.  This man inspires me to be better and do better.  Maybe one day I will have so many lights my neighbors will have a ceist and decist order aginst me.  Maybe one day my display will go down in infamy and not just because of the display but because of all the good I did in life.  That day isnt here yet, but maybe one day  :)

Here is a picture of the lights, and this is just a taste, when the show is going you dont move because you cant, the lights mezmorize you can root you to the ground.  I stood and watched these lights for an hour and still felt like it wasnt enough.  Ok so I have an obsession with Christmas and Christmas lights, but can you blame me they are awesome!
This is just one shot of the street, but I think it gives a good idea of how cool the lights are.  And because I know you need to see it, here is the beautiful castle that I just cant get enough of.

Project Housewife Out!!

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