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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Easy Custom Mirror

I have a confession...I LOVE my bathroom.  Ok so there are things I want to change but that requires construction, but the bathroom as it is right now, I love my bathroom.  This is the 2nd attempt at my bathroom though, the first try just wasnt my style and I decided to change it.  My husband was none to happy (he hates painting) but the new result I love so much.  Ok enough with the love fest, Im going to tell you how to make these awesome mirrors.  I hate the builder standard mirrors, they are so boring and plain I needed something more original.  Before I tell you how to make this, here is a list of supplies that I used, but feel free to make this project your own:
  • Mirrors
  • Frame to fit mirrors (color of your choice)
  • hardware to hang mirror
  • mosaic tiles (color of your choice)
  • super glue

I have to say I was really lucky, my old town home had these two great pieces of glass in one of the closets and I knew I had a great use for them.  I did have to get the class cut a little to make the pieces even and it fit in the frame but that cost a whole of $10, compared to who knows how much a mirror costs I know I did great on that.  The frames I used are 24x36 white wood frames from Michaels at 50% off there were a great deal for $30 total.  The tiles in the corner are mosaic tiles from Michaels at $6 each they spice up the corners and really make the mirrors look custom.  To set the tiles on the mirror, we put them where we wanted them first then set them with super glue (you know the kind that will glue your fingers together).  We let that dry overnight then added the hardware to the back of the frame.  For some reason these frames didnt come with anything to hang them with (silly Michaels) so we had to go to Home Depot to get hanging materials.  We bought the heavy duty hangers that interlock so they are very sturdy and wont fall off.  Each frame is probably around 25pounds so make sure you get hardware that can support the weight you have.  Once you get your hardware up, hang the mirror and you are good to go. 

(sorry for the elbow shot :)  )

On a side note, if you do have the big builder standard mirro you can always frame that or you can take it to a glass shop and they can cut it for you.  I was going to repurpose mine in the dining room, but unfortunatley my dog knocked it over and broke it into a lot of little pieces so that was a total waste (let me tell you I was pissed when I saw all the glass on the carpet, what a mess to clean up!)

Have fun spicing up your bathroom, I would love to see how it turns out, post a picture or comment of your bathroom change-up!

Project Housewife Out!

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