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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingerbread Mess

As you may know I made an Advent Calendar that has Christmas experiences for us to do every day.  Over the weekend was "Make a House so sweet" otherwise known as make a gingerbread house.  On Black Friday my husband and I bought the gingerbread village set from Target (I would give a link but its not on their website).  Oh what a clever idea, instead of making one house we will make a little village.  How quickly I forget that the simple tasks become my arch nemisis.  Here is the project and supplies all laid out for you to see just how "easy" this is going to be.
Oh now nice, they give you the icing in a nice bag and the houses are all in pre cut squares...oh you are so wrong my friends!!  First off, of the the houses is already cracked.  You can see a better view here.

The icing bag was a piece of crap and burst open after the first house.  The green and red icing bags didnt even have the nice tip on them so you could draw nice straight lines so they were all messy and crappy.  And when my husband tried to bread apart the already broked house he broke it even more.  Good thing icing is like cement because it can hid many sins.  I tried to do the construction of the houses but once the icing bag broke I was done with that.  I tried to decorate them and realized how evil the red and green icing bags were so I resorted to putting the icing on my fingers and using my fingers.  Im sorry if that grosses you out, but hey you arent eating it so dont worry about it :)  I think the houses turned out ok, but man next year I will do 1 house not a village, no matter how cute that village looks.  And I will NOT do the santa sleigh or train gingerbread...I know I will end up throwing those out the window, no sir I wont even think about those!

So here is my little message patched together village.  Its kinda cute but next year I will be doing one house and one house only.  Merry Christmas from my little Christmas village.

Project Housewife Out!

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