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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sharing My Failures

Up until today I have shared with you all my success stories.  Today, I am sad to say I have a failure to share with you.  A few weeks ago I tried my hand at crayon art and have to say it turned out pretty well.  You can see it here.  Since those turned out so well I decided I would try one for either side of my TV.  So here is what I started with.

Thats 2 15x30 canvasas, painted with the red "basic" paint covered in glitter.  Here is another view of the canvases.

You can kinda see the glitter better here.  So in my infinite wisdom, I thought this shade of red would be a good backdrop for my crayon art idea.  The bottom 1/2 would be the grass and the top 1/2 would be the sky.  I would add flowers and butterflies to make it 3-dimensional and it would be fabulous next to the tv.  Well I started with the hair dryer and here is what happened.
I wanted to melt the crayons down so you didnt really see them but didnt think that when they melted you would see the canvas behind it anymore.  I tried to put embellishments on it to make it look better but that didnt really work out, you can see that here.

I think the major problem is the red background.  Im going to try and paint over it with possibly yellow, but right now I just put it to the side because Im mad at it!  So there you have it...not everything I make looks amazing or even that good.  This is my cautionary tale that crayon art is NOT as easy as it looks.

What craft failues have you had?  I would love to hear from you!!

Project Housewife Out!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your failures :) We are all human and I have a few failures of my own. If I only listen to my instincts and go with my gut feeling I wouldn't have many decor disasters :)My recent one is my master bathroom. I wanted a beach theme something to remember a travel memory. Well, the paint was all wrong and then my tile (redish yuck) was not the best color with the paint I chose. Needless to say, I am redoing my bathroom to be cream, black, and white after Christmas