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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Its almost Christmas!!  Is everyone as excited as I am?!  In honor of it being Christmas I am going to share with you my favorite Christmas ornament decoration.  I have been doing this for years and love them.  Hopefully you will too!!  The top picture is one I made last year and here are a few others.

This one didnt turn out so good because of the crappy paint

Now to tell you how to do it...its really easy but is a major waste of paint.  I love them though so I say its worth it.  As you can see from the white ornament though it does matter what kind of paint  you get, not all paint is created equal and you can tell from that pic for sure.  I buy Folk Art metallic pain and it seems to work the best
I use all colors, usually more red/green/white because those are classic Christmas colors, but I love using fun colors too like pink and blue.  I did black and pink once too so the possibilities are endless!  The supplies you need are:
  • Glass ornaments
  • acrylic paint assorted colors
  • ribbon
  • ornament tray (keep the packaging the ornaments come in you are going to need it)
  • embelishments (optional)
First step is to take the top off of the ornaments, the top being the silver part where you hook the ornament to the tree.  Once you have the top off you can start pouring in your paint.  I do one color at a time but you can do whatever you want.  In the picture below you can kind of see an example of that.  I usually do 5 stripes of paint.  After you get the paint in, start swiriling it around.  The more stripes you have the easier I find it to be to get paint coverage. 

This is also why I said this is wasteful of paint, because after you have the ornament covered in the marble pattern you love, dump the ornament over and have all the paint drip out.  I use the plastic ornament try to do this, but I have seen people use plactic cups and that looks like a good idea too.  I usually let these sit like that overnight to let the paint dry and get all the excess paint out.  When you think yours are ready put the top back on, add your embelishments and top with a ribbon.  Pretty easy right!

I would love to see your awesome ornament creations, share if you have some awesome ones!!

Project Housewife Out!

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