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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Tree

I have this blank wall in my bedroom that I wanted to do something with but couldnt figure out what.  We toyed with shelved that we put pictures on, but the door would hit it so that was thrown out.  Then I saw an article in a home design magazine (I cant remember which one it was a while ago) that had a girl sitting in a chair and a tree wall decal was next to her.  Well I started thinking it would be cool to have  BIG tree on the wall that I would hang pictures from (hense the title family tree).  So I was on the hunt for the best tree I could find.  I went to a bunch of websites with no great success until I went to and of course I had countless pages of great trees to choose from.  Here is a link to the tree I bought.  Great price, awesome product.  I wish they had a few more colors to choose from but oh well, the tree was worth it.  So I get the tree in the mail, and since I ordered different colors it came in seperate pieces.  Like, the leaves all had to be put on that took 6 hours.  No joke it was a chore.  Below is a picture of the finished product and I think it was well worth the 8 total hours it took to do this.
I havent added the pictures yet because I want to just enjoy the tree right now.  Although I have a confession, I want to change my wall color to a slate gray, like the leaves in this picture.  Dont know how Im going to do that since I dont want to get rid of the tree, sounds like a project for late 2012 :)  Anyway, this tree, the seller was great they sent instructions and a video link showing you how to do it.  Putting up the base was pretty easy, you just have to go slow and be careful not to rip it.  Patience is a key with this since it does take a long time.  I love my tree, but what do you think?!  Should I add pictures to it or leave it alone?  If you had a big empty wall what would you put on it?  I want to hear from you!!

Project Housewife Out!

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