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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Experience the Season

I promise this is the last post for the advent calendar!  You saw the calendar, you saw the patterns, and now you will see the cards for the experiences.  I posted what my experiences were, with a christmas song twist and here is the list again.
Holly Jolly Christmas!
Hang the stockings with care
It’s a sugar date to make cookies
Away in a manger…the real  story
Bring good cheer to someone
Yummy holiday treats for Oreo
Mix and mingle to a Jinglin’ beat
Painted candy canes on the tree, a new one each year
Jingle Bell Rock all night at a concert
Visit a Winter Wonderland
Here we come a ’caroling
Baby its cold outside, so let’s go out for a treat!
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…and popcorn!
Bearing gifts to travelers a ’far…or down the street
Have a cup of cheer…or hot chocolate
Comfy cozy are we at breakfast
Say hello to friends you know down the street
Make a new Christmas decoration
Wrap presents ‘round the tree
Rush home with our treasure
Let it snow with Harry Potter and popcorn
Don’t be a mean one Mr. Grinch.
Do you hear what I hear?  New Christmas music.
Make a House so Sweet
Deck the Halls!
After I made my list, and it took a while to come up with all the cute sayings, I wanted to print them on cardstock and put them in the ornament pockets.  I thought I would find a premade template from since they have premade labels and such but I couldnt find anything cute so I set out to make my own.  In Microsoft Word (I am a PC, haha) I made a table that was 2inches x 4inches (which I now realize was a little too long so it should have been 2x3, but you can learn from my trial by error) and started plugging in my phrases.  After I had that all done, I went on google to try and find an awesome border, and I found a great holly one, which I share here now for you :)
I am still getting used to Windows 7 so it took a while to get the placement right on this clip art and to make it stay behind the text, but once I got the clip art set as the background for each block of the table I was ready to print.  I printed these on cardstock and then laminated them just to be sure nothing would happen to them and I would have them for years to come.  And here is what they look like now.

Not my finest photography moment, but you get the idea.  So now they are all in the slots of the christmas tree and ready for the first day of December!  I do want to add that when you put your activities make sure you pay attention to the date.  You dont want to put a weekend activity in a weekday slot, for example we have the visit a winter wonderland card, well thats not really something we want to do after we get off work because where we go is an hour and a half away, so that has to go in a saturday or sunday slot.  You get the picture, so happy creating!

Project Housewife Out!

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