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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gettin in the Holiday Spirit

I made these ornaments a while ago, but just now am getting around to posting about it.

These are sooo easy I cant stand it!  For years I have been making ornaments by marbling paint.  They look amazing but its so wasteful of paint and took so long to dry.  For the new ornaments all you need is a clear ornament, picks (those sticks of fun things in the holiday craft section), scrapbook paper, wallet size picture, tweezers.  Be careful when you decide on the picks you want, you have to make sure they will fit in the opening of your ornament.  Now comes the fun part...getting your pictures ready!  I forgot to do cool stuff to my pictures before I printed them, but you can always add the year or a phrase on the picture using a photo editing program.  I have picasa, but probably any program will work.  I printed 6 pictures on 5x7 photo paper and those sizes seemed to work well for me, but I dont know for sure how big they were, I just eye-balled it :) .  After you cut out the pictures tape them to your scrapbooking paper.  I did a red/white/green theme, but there are endless possibilities for you to do.  I didnt make the border around the picture too big because I was worried about it fitting in the ornament, but you can always play with it to find what works best for you.  I also used a glue stick at first but that didnt stick when I went to put them in the ornament so thats why I recommend using tape, that seemed to work well for me.  Before you put the picture in fill the ornament up with the pick you decided on.  It took almost a whole pick for each ornament, but that was very full so depending on how full you want the ornament will depend on how many picks you need.  Once you have your ornament full roll your picture up in a small tube and slide it into the ornaments.  Using the tweezers, unroll the picture and try and flatten it back out.  This was the hardest part of all this and does take some patience, but if you are using long thin tweezers you should be fine.  Once you get your picture in a good position, put the top back on your ornament and you are finished!!  I decided to not put a ribbon on my ornaments this year since the inside was already so colorful but you can always add ribbion if your heart desiers...mine usually does :)  Happy crafting, I hope yours turn out fantastic!

Project Housewife Out!

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