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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Until the Paint Dries...

A whole week has gone by and still the dresser porject continues!  We had a slight hiccup with the sprayer we used for painting the dresser...that hiccup being we didnt know how to use it.  Thankfully my dad is a handyman and was able to help out.  A good tip from him that I will now forever remember for thinning paint is this: you thin it with what you would clean it with.  Wow did I have a light bulb moment!  Unfortunatley for us we had already thinned a good amount of our while high gloss white paint with paint thinner so we had to throw that out.  For a gallon you only need 1 cup of water to thin paint out enough to go through a sprayer, if you over thin the paint it will be runny and leave bubbles on what you are painting so less is more in this case.  Anyway, once we got the sprayer going it looks great!  Now we are off to painting the design on the drawers, waiting for my glass knobs to come in the mail, I need to make the table runner and lastly I think I want to get some contact paper to put in the drawers for a complete finished look.  So needless to say I dont have any great pictures, except for the pretty glossy white dresser put back together...enjoy.

Now, since I dont have much to share today I wanted to introduce you to my baby Oreo.  He is a beautiful Border Collie we adopted from Texas Collie Rescue.  I love this organization, they are the nicest people you will meet and truly love Collies.  Linda heads up the organization and she is just as friendly as can be, so if you are looking for a dog, please please please consider adpotion.  These dogs need just as much love as all those cute little puppies do.  If you are interested in rescuing a Collie you can visit Texas Collie Rescue at .  I feel like Bob Barker from the Price is Right when I say adopt a pet, but he always said to spay and neuter them so I guess its a little different.

So here is Oreo:

My loveable little puppy...well not really a puppy come on all of us dog lovers always call our full grown dogs puppies!  Oreo is so smart, we are thinking about teaching him agility...I think someone trained him in the past because he has a lot of actions that make me think he did some training.  If  anyone knows how to train a border collie in agaility please let me know I would love any and all suggestions!!
Project Housewife signing off!

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