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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

In honor of the week before Thanksgiving I though I would make today about being thankful. I saw this on one of the blogs I follow and thought it was such a cute idea.  Its too late in the month to start this, but I think it will be a nice family thing for next year.  I have experience with etching cream in the past, be warned that the bottle says 5 really means 15 if you want that really crisp frosted look.  Also, when the bottle says a thick means a THICK layer.  I used 1/2 of a small bottle on one large letter for my candle centerpieces (more to come on that later).  That doesnt really leave you much room for error so if you have a bigger project I would get the bigger bottle.

Moving on to the thankful piece :)

This year has been a great year for the Saldana house.  We ran a full 1/2 marathon and did a relay 1/2 marathon as well.  We have been able to do all kinds of projects on the house, spend time with each other and the biggest success (in my opinion) was that we payed off Joe's car, so NO MORE CAR PAYMENTS for either of us!  I know at times we get stuck on the negative, because honestly its easy to get stuck there.  November is a month of being thanksful, but really every day we should be thankful that we are even here another day.  This mindset has been especially hard for me since there have been some not so good changes going on professionally and that makes it hard to stay thankful, but I have to remind myself that I do have a job and not everyone is as fortunate.  Some of the little things in life we take for granted, like having a/c in the summer (hello Im from Texas, I would literally die if we didnt have that) or heat in the winter.  I also have a loving husband, who supports me even though he somtimes wants to choke me for getting his help on things (all out of love lol).  We have a dog that loves to get love from us and a family that supports and loves us. 

So on this Thankful Thursday I think I want to start a new blog tradition (a since Im just starting out why not!) of putting at least one thing I am thankful for each week, and please leave a comment on what you are thankful for!  Or, if this week was a little harder and you need someone in your corner, let me know that too and I will say a prayer for you because I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

I want to leave today with a picture of who I am most thankful for today.  So it was windy that day and my hair is going crazy, but I am thankful for my husband who puts up with all my crazy antics.  He may lose his patience with me, but not nearly as much as I lose mine.

Project Housewife Out!

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