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Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Today is shopping day for my weekend project.  This weekend I am going to be making my own advent calendar.  When I was a kid my mom (supremely crafty woman) made us an advent calendar with all these cute little ornaments that you stuck on a tree, one each day.  Well, unfortunately I cant sew a stitch so I had to be a little more simplistic when I decided to make mine.  Through Pinterest I found this great idea to have "christmas experiences" rather than christmas treats.  Since I dont have any kids I thought this would be a great mix up from the original advent calendar idea.  Although this post had mostly ideas to do with the kids it gave me a stepping stone to make my own ideas (which I am still working on).  Now I just had to find the perfect calendar idea.  After much searching and finding a few very LAME calendars (and when I say lame, I mean they were out of a cupcake tin).  I came acorss this awesomeness... .  On first glance this looked like it would be perfect!  Ornaments on a tree how easy...boy was I wrong!  This was sewing at its finest, but I decided that the bare bones of this project was perfect for what I was looking for and went on making my adjustments.  Rather than sew I will be using my trusty hem tape.  Rather than handing each ornament on the tree, I am going to use said hem tape to "sew" the ornaments to the tree and make pockets for the "experiences" I come up with.  Other than those slight (*cough* major *cough*) changes everything else will be the same.  So today the shopping begins for my many shades of felt and some ribbon.  Stay tuned as I update on this hopefully easy project.

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