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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work it Out!

I have a love hate relationship with running.  Right now its a like relationship because its getting a little hotter and I hate running when its hot outside.  When we first moved here a friend of our gave us a treadmill they never used.  Pretty cool right!  For a while we had it in the study but it was just taking up space and I didnt like how it looked there so we decided to move it.

One of the things that sold us on our house is the awesome storage space in the laundry room.  I used 1/2 of it for my Christmas decorations (the part under the stairs) but I had a whole bunch of space left and it actually was the perfect size for the treadmill.  It wasnt that hard to get it in the space since the treadmill had wheels and is just smaller than the door frame.  Once we got the treadmill in I had a GREAT idea...and I mean great.  We had an small TV from when we upgraded our 36" to a 55" so I thought it would be perfect in front of the treadmill.  Let be honest, its pretty boring running on a treadmill but its not so bad when you can watch GLEE!

We bought a wall-mount swivel mount from for $15 bucks and screwed it into the wall.  Make sure you find the studs so it doesnt fall out of the wall.  Luckily this was a swivel so although the studs were at the far side of the wall I could swivel the TV to be more in the center.

Pretty cool set-up right?!  My face fan, my towel, and of course the TV!  It is a little too close for me but I got used to it and it really helps when I have to run inside.  It gets pretty hot in Texas and isnt really safe to run so this is great. 

But guess what...thats not the best part about this post...what you cant see (well you can see the chord mess but not the rest) is the shelf we have holding the DVD player and the ROKU.  The ROKU is a cool streaming device for TV's that dont have internet, you can get stations on it like Pandora and Hulu so I cant watch GLEE on it...which makes running easier when you have some awesome songs punched in at great intervals.

While it looks a mess it was really easy to install.  we bought a pre-painted shelf from home depot for $5 and 2 brackets for $5.  We screwed the brackets into the wall, then the shelf onto the brackets so the shelf wouldnt slide off and in less than 15 minutes we had a shelf to hold our electronics!  Its not the prettiest but it does the trick.

All in all this cost less than $50 and makes for a great work out station when its too hot or raining.

Project Housewife Out!

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