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Monday, February 20, 2012

Phat Molding

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you the awesome chair railing my dad installed for us a month ago.  I didnt do any amazing projects this weekend so I thought I could share this with you.

I know this is a Christmas tablescape, but its my before picture of what the room looked like.  Not bad right, but something is missing (besides me raising the curtains which did wonders) so I asked my dad to install some chair railing.
Originally I was thinking of just the standard thin railing and then adding the picture frame boxes all around, but my dad had another idea, which I actually like better so thanks dad for again being smarter than me :)  I wasnt home when he installed it so I cant tell you all about the cuts, but I can tell you from pricing out molding for our bedroom that this stuff isnt cheap so dont think that just because this project looks simple that it will be cheap, unfortunately molding in all forms is a little expensive, but I think well worth the investment.  Here check out the after and you will agree with me.

 Looks a lot better right!  And the curtains are raised here too so you can see how much taller the room looks.  Thats what I love about valances, the curtains are the regular 94inches, but with the valance I can make them look so much taller since the valance is dark and you cant see behind it, so we didnt have to buy more curtains or more expensive ones which, yay for saving money!

But looking at this it is missing something, so I decided it would look awesome to paint the bottom half of the railing a darker color than the top half.

And now I think this room looks pretty awesome...what do you think?

Project Housewife Out!

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