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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chipping Away UPDATE

Remember when I posted this ugly chandlier and told you I would update you when I fixed it?  Well I fixed it and it looks much better yay!

It didnt take me nearly as long as I though it would so that was awesome!  I think I am actually going to make this available on my newly opened Etsy shop (nothing there yet, when I post something I will let yall know first!) but I have to hang this one first and make sure it can hold up.  What I did first was take all the strips down and glue the same paint chip color to the back of the original paint chip (see the top picture to understand that one).  I used scrapbook tape since its double sided, non-acidic and pretty sturdy so it will stay in place.  After I got all those paint chips on I started hot gluing them to the new frame my handy husband made.  This new frame, by the way is premade rings from hobby lobby that were soddered together with 18guage wire all 5inches long.  Sodering them together took all of 10minutes so that was easy too.

 This is 1/2 way around the frame and also gives you a shot of the frame so you can see better what it looks like.  Be careful of the hot glue I got a nasty burn on my finger from being too hasty :) 
 The finished product...sooo much better then this mess, all lopsided and ugly and able to see the paint chip backs.  Im going to hang this hopefully tonight and will post the hanging pretty version soon.  If you guys are interested in one for youself let me know so I can prepare how many to make.  Right now I have pink and yellow chips all punched ready to be made.  Which consequently is the most time consuming part of this whole project.  If you have a movie you have been wanting to watch, put it in, get out your whole punch and paint chips and go to town. 

Have you tried to make a paint swatch chandlier?  I would love to see how yours turned out!

Project Housewife Out!

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