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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crochet Part 3

As you all know I am on a journey to crochet.  So far I have only made one mess that cant even be called anything, and the other I claim is a pot holder but lets be honest it was another practice mess.  So this past weekend I went to my moms, looked up a pattern (which you can see here) and tried to make it.  Well as you can see here the hat is totally cute and looks pretty easy.

So cute right!  Well first it said you need a pom pom maker, and I dont know what that is, so that part I didnt do but I set out on making the hat under the supervision of my mom.  According to the pattern I needed a P needle but I didnt bring anything but my K needle, but hey how big of a difference could it make right?!  WRONG!  So take a look again at that cute orange hat that would have looked so cute on my head...ok and now look at what I ended up making.

Ok so its not an adult sized hat, but hey SUCCESS it does resemble a hat, a baby hat, but a hat none the less!!  Even though it didnt turn out even close to the picture, I learned how to read a pattern (ok well just that particular pattern) and something other than a square.  An overall success, a success that I will deposit in the garbage because really what am I going to do with it, but still.  Its pretty yarn right, I thought so too, Im trying to make a scarf so we will see how long I can get it before the ball runs out, Ill keep you posted on that one its taking a little longer than I though it would.

Have you checked out Lion Brand Yarn's website yet to get some awesome patterns and tips on how to crochet?  You havent?  Well why not!  Get your butt going!

Project Housewife Out!

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