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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Its Thankful Thursday and I have something big to be thankful is my last day at my old job and I am thankful for this because it means its time to turn to a new chapter in my life with a new company and a new job.  Its time for reflection on what I have learned here (the good and the bad) and what I can take to my new job.  Im sure you all have started new careers in your lifetime and you can understand its not easy, but sometimes the things that are the hardest are the best for you.  I know this was a hard decision to make, leaving my current hotel home but I am thankful that I did so that I can move onward and upward. 

This is a thankful post but also an in memorandum of the hotel I am leaving behind.  Its pretty right :)

If you are ever in the Woodlands stop by Hyatt at Market Street and have a drink in the bar and remember what you are thankful for.  I wish you all a happy thursday and while I enjoy my last day I hope you just enjoy your day and remember what you are thankful for, it will help you get through the day.

Yay for new beginnings!!  Happy Thursday and I hope you are ready for Foodie Friday I am searching for the perfect recipe for tomorrow!!

Oh and will SOMEONE PLEASE tell me what is the obsession with Nutella?!  Everywhere I look on Pinterest and the blog-osphere there are a million and one nutella recipes...YUCK if you ask me but someone needs to explain this to me!

And because a Thursday is not a Thursday here is a pic of my pretty puppy that my brother took last year while we were camping, great shot of him right!

Project Housewife Out!!

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