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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday

You know if I ever write a book its going to have to be in a quiet place with no noise.  We are watching Cougar Town and its very distracting trying to write a post!  Ok so I probably wont be writing a book...ever...but its good to know :)

What have you guys been doing this week?  I havent been getting great sleep this week so my creative juices arent flowing like normal.  What has everyone been working on this week I would love to hear from you!!

Today Im thankful for holiday weekends!  I have changed jobs twice this year so I dont have any vacation time stored time off for me unless its a paid holiday.  So a 3 day weekend is just what the doctor ordered.  I have great plans for this weekend and one is getting a new haircut/color and get my nails done.  As long as it looks good Ill share with you when I get a picture :)  I have another fun plan for Monday but I think Im going to make a post out of it so Ill hold of on sharing that with you until later.  Do you have any fun plans for this Memorial Day weekend?  Hopefully my dad will be barbequing this weekend, I love a good barbeque, especially when its not me who is hosting!  Hmmm what dessert should I make :)  So Im thankful for an extended weekend where I have fun plans that dont involve me cleaning the house in preparation for people coming over (2weeks in a row is too much).

My beautiful Oreo, doing what I wish I was doing all day today...napping.  Such a good dog, at night he comes and sits by me and sleeps on me.  Some people dont like it but its relaxing having my puppy dog sleeping by me :)

Project Housewife Out!

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