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Monday, April 9, 2012

Which Way to Narnia?

Happy Monday Everyone!  Good News!  We started working on one of the projects from the list...remember this list...

  • Build a platform for the media room
  • Create a fun/quirky outdoor sign
  • Hang measuring cups from cabinet door
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Re-do upholstery on headboard
  • Decals for the media room
Well we are working on building an outdoor sign!  This sign idea actually came from Pinterest and  I have to say when I found this sign it was when I first started using Pinterest and didnt know any better than to find the original source.  So I am going to show you the pin...but its from Tumblr so I have no idea where the original picture came from.

I loved it because its a sign to all the crazy places I wish were real.  I knew this belonged in my yard from the moment I saw it and has been sitting on my Backyard board for a long time now.  I kept putting it off because I didnt want to buy wood and because I had other projects I wanted to work on.

Well let me tell in a neighborhood that is under construction does have its upsides.  One being all the lumber the workers put in the trash pile but is still perfectly good wood, they just cant use it for the home they are building.  We scooped up 6 unfinished 2x4's (well not exactly all that size but I didnt measure them so its a guess) for our platform project, a ream of carpet remnant that matches our current carpet (also for the platform) and are waiting to find a sheet of plywood.  For this sign I though we needed more beat up looking wood though so we turned again to pallet wood.  I still had a pallet sitting in the garage from past projects because the wood was ugly, well that is perfect for this sign so off the boards came and Joe got to cutting.  For the post of the sign we went to my mom's house for Easter and found it there.  She lives on 5 acres of land and as some of you may know Texas had one of the worst droughts in history last summer.  A lot of the trees on my mom's property were dead and had to be cut down...great for me because I had a great variety of awesome wood posts to choose from.  Ultimately we got one that was about 10 feet tall, really knobby and not 100% straight.  We got it that tall so that we could cut it down to the height we wanted and not be forced to work with something that wasnt really tall enough for what I was looking for.

So right now I have all the directional signs made, the post prepped and waiting (prepped as in sprayed down with raid to kill any bugs that may be living inside of it) and now we just have to add the lettering.  My first thought was to burn the letters on so that its much more permanent than paint.  My idea was to etch into the wood the words, pour some gasoline on it and set it on fire...what a great idea...but it didnt turn out at all so dont try that at home folks!  Joe is going to get a wood burning kit today and we are going to try that.  If that doesnt work then Im just going to use good old fashioned paint.  More to come on this awesome sign.

Im still in process of taking pictures of the sign so Ill post those with the next update so we can see what we're working with.  Im really excited about it because its so full of character and no one else has anything remotely close to it in the neighborhood.  The plan is to put it in the front yard and if the HOA asks us to move it then it will just go somewhere in the backyard, but we are going to try the front yard first and see what happens!  Wish us luck :D

What projects are you working on right now?!

Project Housewife Out!

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