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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

Well guys I have good news and bad news for you.  The good news is I saw Hunger Games this past weekend and I decided I am going to do a review of the movie...with out spoilers (if I can).  The bad news is I was so enjoying my relaxing weekend that I didnt do any projects so I dont have any new projects for you this week.  Im sure you wont die from disappointment though so I have made peace with it :)

On to the Hunger Games!!  If you are on pinterest then you have definitely seen all the printables, jewelry, t-shirts, bags, and even screen shots from the movie.  The movie screen shots were the ones making me mad because they were shots from parts of the movie you dont see in the trailers and I didnt want the movie ruined for me.  I have read all 3 books so its not like I dont know whats going to happen, but I want to not know what scene is coming next, crazy I know but I want the movie magic!

Like I said, I have read the books...I was late to the game and read them in January.  Thats close enough to remember the story but far enough back that the details are a little hazy (and I have been reading HP so that puts all books out of my mind always).  I have heard all good reviews but one I read on a blog (I forget which one now) was pretty much spot on for me when it said they liked it but didnt leave the theater talking about it.  You know when you see a movie so amazing you cant stop talking about it, well this wasnt it for me.  Now before you get upset and say this was the best movie ever...I did like the movie I just wasnt blown away.  I think the screen writers did a fantastic job of making Katniss' inner dialogue more of a commentary by the game makers and Caesar Flickerman but I think a lot of the build up and inner struggle with Katniss and Peeta was left out.  To me that seems like a very important component for the first book since it such a key part in the 2nd book but Im not a Hollywood Producer what do I know :)

I loved how the violence was toned down so that all of Collin's readers could see the movie, which is more than I can say of the nasty end for Breaking Dawn part 1.  However, it was like they were only in the arena for 2 days...where was the struggle to find water and food, why do they all still look fantastically healthy?  As with most first installments of a series there are definitely things to expand on for the next film.  All in all Hunger Games was a good movie, and I may own it since it was entertaining and my husband liked it too, I just think that since it wasnt a 500 page book they could have put more depth to the story, it seemed a little flat, but again this is 100% my opinion and if you think this was the best movie ever times infinity then thats awesome Im glad you thought Hollywood did right by a story for a change (which PS is still totally how I feel about 7 of the 8 HP films)

If you saw the Hunger Games what did you think of the movie?  One girl in the theater with me had seen it 3 times in 1 week so she must love it.

Project Housewife Out!


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    1. Hi Heather! I sent an email to your account last night, hope I can help :)