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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slap Happy

I think this weekend Im going to go buy some fabric to up date my curtains...and by update I mean make them longer so I can raise the curtain bar.  A new HUGE JoAnn's just opened close to me and I really want to go check out what they have in the store and what a great I got a coupon in the mail for 50% off SCORE!  Hopefully that means I will have some updates curtains to show you on Monday and Im really excited about the idea I have for the curtains in my bedroom, hopefully they will turn out like the picture in my head.

This past weekend we had a little date with my dad (instead of finishing our sign like we should have been doing, classic slackers).  The Three Stooges came out Friday and we love the three stooges.  When I was growing up we would watch all the old black and whites on VHS over and over again.  I think my dad's favorite was the one where they were in the court room, but I think mine was the one where they were looking for treasure, but of course I like Shemp and Dad likes Curly :)  I pretty much knew what to expect walking into the movie...lots a lots of slap stick, which I personally think is hilarious.  What surprised me about the movie was how spot on the actors were to the original Stooges.

Above...the original stooges in all of their awesomness.  Below the new stooges, I think Larry got an extra horrible wig in this movie.

They look great dont they!  They also sounded spot on to the originals and the slap stick was spot on too.  We were laughing through the whole movie and walked out thinking it was hilarious.  I have to say the directors had their work cut out for them because its not easy making a movie based on physical comedy, but they did a really great job.  The story of the Orphanage and all the mayhem they caused was great, then going out into the world to save the Orphanage was great too.  Lets be honest this is no Oscar-worthy film, but if you want to be entertained and laugh a lot this movie is perfect.  I love that Jack from Will & Grace is Larry that in of itself makes me laugh!  Oh and one of the cooler aspects of the movie is right after the traditional "The End" the directors come on screen and show all the props they used as foam and not harmful to make sure kids understand that its not ok to hit someone in the head with a sledge hammer.  The 2nd director being shirtless, my dad would argue was unnecessary but for the ladies in the audience I think it was spot on. :D

Do yourself a favor...go see the Stooges, laugh a lot and dont try it at home!

What good movies have you seen lately?

Project Housewife Out!


  1. Hello there! The last movie my husband and I went to see was The Hunger Games. It was a date, but we wanted to see if it is on par with what we want our children watching. I think we may wait a bit.

    The Three Stooges looks great! I was never a big fan of theirs, but I am sure my boys would appreciate them.

    1. I thought Hunger Games was just ok, but I read the books so that may have hurt my liking of the movie. When we went to see the Stooges there was actually a boy's birthday party in there of like 15 boys and they were cracking up the entire time, Im sure your boys would love it.