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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Change A Comin'

I think Im done for a while...making blog changes that is.  Last week was a whirl wind of work, and all in a good way!  I made a button for the blog, connection buttons for facebook, pinterest, and RRS feed, made a new layout (ok that actually came from The Cutest Blog on the Block, link at the top of the blog) and created tabs for the top of the blog.  And guess what...all the tabs now are working and no longer under construction!! Yay!!  Under the recipe tab I have all the Foodie Friday entries and I categorized them as I thought best.  If you want to see pictures under each link let me know and I will go back and add them, otherwise I think Im just going to leave that alone.  Also updated is the projects tab...that one took a long time because apparently over the past 6 months I have done a ton of projects...who knew!  Under the projects tab, same as the recipes, is a link to all the projects I have done and categorized as I thought best.  Again if you want to see pictures let me know and I will go back and add them.  In the interest of time I didnt add pictures but if the people want it, it will come!

Dont judge me on the weeds that surround the patio furniture I hate pulling weeds and these are crazy fast growing and even faster coming back weeds!  Demon day we will triumph over you!  Oreo loves sitting on the stone because it stays cool when its hot outside, I think I woke him up from his doggie nap but he is a good sport and sits still for me, such a good dog.

In other seems my tomato plant has taken over the herb garden so we are going to have to transplant it to another flower pot.  Hopefully it will last because it is doing so well right now.  I hate to move it but I think its sucking all the water and nutrients from the herbs and I cant have nice tomato plant!  We are definitely learning as we go on this whole herb garden thing.

Project Housewife Out!

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