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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fish eggs to Floral Beauty

As you know from yesterdays post I am working on a new dresser for the master bedroom...and what is a dresser without some great decorations to go on top of it.  My inspiration came of pinterest (of course) where they should you how to put flowers in a bowl...well I can put flowers in a bowl so that got my inspiration going.  While I was at WalMart (I know Target Im so sorry, get a floral department and I will never leave) I saw some, what looked like fish eggs, glass beads in al different colors.  I saw clear and purple and knew I would one day use them in my bedroom.  Well that one day came sooner than later.  Here is a picture of what the fish eggs look like before they got all crazy big.

What you do is add them to 2 quarts of water and let me sit for 6 hours (I left mine overnight).  After the 6 hours is over, drain the extra water and you are ready to go.  Below is the expanded version in my flower bowl.

I packet filled up 1/2 of this bowl, the purple ones are under the clear.  To make sure you keep the color seperated you need to put a wax sheet of paper betweern the layers.  I learned from my mistake, I thought it would be cool to have the colors mix together...well when you mix them you cant see the clear so the effect is totally lost!
    Now my bowls were ready for the flowers.  I mentioned earlier I got my inspiration from pinterest, well the below is what pinterest showed me.  You use making tape to section off whatever it is you are going to use for your flowers then put one flower in each section.  I was only using 6 flowers so I didnt make very big sections.

On a side note, the main draw back to the water beads is that they dont keep the flowers in place as well as the actual glass beads do.  On the flip side of that, they make it so much easier to put the flowers in the beads.  In my experience once the glass beads were in it was always a struggle to get the perfect arrangement of flowers.  Pros and cons to everything, I just happen to think with the water beads the pros outweight the cons. 
    Ok moving on, so I put my flowers in the bowls how i thought they looked best, added some of the leaves from the cut off stems and voila! beautiful floral arrangements.  Total, each piece cost $30 (the flowers were $4/each at 40% off so the flowers will probably always be the most expensive part of a floral arrangement).  Not too shabby when they probably would sell for $70!!

I think the final step for making an awesome topper for my dresser is to make a table runner...more to come on that later!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rain Rain...Please dont go away!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today...for now...its raining and here in Houston we could NOT be happier about it!!  My poor pitiful plants are all dying and dont even get me started on the grass...I should not hear crunching when Im walking is all Im sayin!

Another project has begun for this housewife!  We recently purchased a dresser from craigslist.

If you do contact someone on craigslist, please make sure and take someone with you especially if you are a woman.  You never know what kind of crazy people are on the other end of a post.  Just so happens the girl who sold this to us was very friendly and we scored this for just $60 bucks!  Now the real work begins.  We sanded it down last night, because honestly who wants a brown/navy/frosted dresser anyway!

Folk, sanding is NO electric sander does make things easier but for the drawers those had to be done by hand and that is tedious work.  So step 1 DONE!!  Now to step 2, primer.

Now everything has been sanded and has a coat of primer...tonight is more sanding and hopefully a final coat of paint.  Last step for this soon to be amazing piece will be a purple filagree patter applied to the front drawers and then the crystal knobs I ordered from (my other obsession).  More pics to come on that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome to my World!

Hello!  My name is Rachael. how are you today?  Im glad we are having this chat, its been a long day at work and now its time to unwind...well in 1 1/2 hours really but who's counting!

Today is going to be a Michael's day, and that means this week is going to be a craft project week.  Im going to be making Christmas gifts.  I found the idea from pinterest (one of my new favorite addictive sites) and its soo simple.  I made my own modification, as I do with most everything.  What you do it take a picture frame (8x10 works best), find a scrapbooking paper you love, get a wooden letter (your initial or someone else), paint, and some embleshments.  Paint the letter and while its drying tape the scrapbooking paper to the backing of the picture frame.  Once the letter is dry hot glue it to the paper where you want it then add the emblishments.  The picture below is for a friend of mine who is getting married next month.  I love it so much Im going to make one for myself and maybe a few people in my family.