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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rain Rain...Please dont go away!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today...for now...its raining and here in Houston we could NOT be happier about it!!  My poor pitiful plants are all dying and dont even get me started on the grass...I should not hear crunching when Im walking is all Im sayin!

Another project has begun for this housewife!  We recently purchased a dresser from craigslist.

If you do contact someone on craigslist, please make sure and take someone with you especially if you are a woman.  You never know what kind of crazy people are on the other end of a post.  Just so happens the girl who sold this to us was very friendly and we scored this for just $60 bucks!  Now the real work begins.  We sanded it down last night, because honestly who wants a brown/navy/frosted dresser anyway!

Folk, sanding is NO electric sander does make things easier but for the drawers those had to be done by hand and that is tedious work.  So step 1 DONE!!  Now to step 2, primer.

Now everything has been sanded and has a coat of primer...tonight is more sanding and hopefully a final coat of paint.  Last step for this soon to be amazing piece will be a purple filagree patter applied to the front drawers and then the crystal knobs I ordered from (my other obsession).  More pics to come on that.

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